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December 07, 2007


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Jan Sullivan

Dear Woody,

I would like to be able to say that military training is not necessary in DRC, but with the escalation of rape (we have received three reports this week of increasing rape in Kananga, on the Angola border and in Ituri), I say that we have to support the training and PAYING of Congolese troops. If the Congolese troops are "unpaid" then they are dangerous because they prey on the people--- extorting money and food and raping women and children. (One man in Kananga was shot thru both legs when we were there in 03, because he did not pay a soldier the money that he requested. The fact that the man had just buried his young son, made no difference.)

Did you know that the MONUC contract with the DRC ends this coming week, Dec. 15??? The Security Council will probably address it this week. We need to be very vocal about keeping MONUC in the Congo.
Jan Sullivan

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